About me

I was born the 20th of june 1965 on the neighborhood of Sants at Barcelona city, and studied in the Proa schools. But soon I discover my love for the illustration and applicated arts. I still remember the angry faces of my fathers when they saw all the school books full of my illustrations.

Finished this period, I finally began to  form myself as an artist and designer and soon I published my first comic pages and illustrations (Makoki, el Víbora, Cavall Fort…). But this ended soon because I began to work for an advertising agency. In 1993 somebody let me an HTML guide and this made me enter into the digital world. Two years later I began to work for the agency that will revolutionate the internet and digital media world: Doubleyou.

The 2006 arrived my first son and I decided to stop. My new situation made me look for another path and my hands demanded me to get back to the illustration world. Also I discover the world of the historic miniature and I fall in love with those sculptures. My hands and my artist skills match perfectly and I combined all this knowledge. Since then, I work as 2d and 3d artist for many firms that ask for my art.

Hope you like it 😉